Thursday, September 26


Life is full of little things. Little things that provide the feeling of comfort, and often bring the feeling of happiness and a smile to your face. It may be material or emotional, whether a memory or the way a room is arranged.  Nonetheless, they leave you feeling satisfied and maybe even a little more joyful. 
For me these "little things" mean a lot. They determine how I function and live my everyday life. If the house is full of clutter, my brain feels cluttered, so I like to decorate with more simplicity. I have said it before, but I feel like plants add a lot to the environment of a room, so I would rather decorate with plants than things. 

Anyways, these simple, "little things" make me smile. I walked around my house and took pictures of the little details that I love. The details that bring both my (and my roommates') imagination and creativity to life. We love our home. 


  1. The littlest things always bring the most happiness! Beautiful photos as always!xo

  2. Oh. My. Goodness. Your place is absolutely beautiful. It's so quaint and neat, and the decor is much too nice. I follow the same concept of finding happiness in the little things; it's no wonder you'd be happy with a gorgeous place like yours! x


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