Monday, September 23


A while back some friends and I got together for a clothing swap. Because it was free, I picked up this cute black felt hat with a not so cute black ribbon and bow. (Otherwise, I find it hard to justify spending money on hats.) I unfortunately don't have any before pictures of the hat, but if you can picture it, the two blacks didn't match. 

The great thing about this project is that you can do this to just about any hat you want. Even if it is plain to begin with, it adds a fresh look to any old [or new] hat. 

Black Hat
Deerskin Lace (Hobby Lobby)
Fabric Glue (or hot glue - just be very careful)

Out of curiosity of how easy it would be, I ripped the ribbon off as soon as I got home. 

As suspected, it had been glued on and left glue marks, so I had to find a solution that would look cute and cover the trace of there ever being an ugly mismatched bow. 

I started by gluing the leather along the seam where the brim and the hat meet, keeping the leather as even as possible as I worked my way around, gluing three to 4 inch sections at a time. 

Once you make it around to the point you started, overlap the corner of the lace just a little bit so that the ribbon stays somewhat even around each pass. 

Continue to coop the ribbon around the hat until you have reached your desired look. I had to go quite a ways because the original ribbon was about three inches wide. 

When the band has reached your desired width, make sure you end on the back of the hat above where you started. Cut the thread at a slight downward angle to where it can "blend" and lay flat with the layer underneath. 

When you are finished, find some outfits to wear with your newly designed hat! For inspiration check out my last outfit post.

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