Monday, February 4


This weekend was much needed and way overdue. After church sunday morning, we packed up or gear and headed to the woods to spend the day climbing and enjoying one another's company.

There is something wonderful about being outside, breathing the fresh air. Feeling the rock scrape against your hands while you until your muscles are too weak to even possibly hold onto anything else. After a hard, successful day of climbing, you feel like you have accomplished something great. I love feeling every muscle in my body move as I make my way up to the top of each boulder/face. In each move so precise, like an art, climbing takes balance and poise. Most importantly, it brings people together. I wouldn't be climbing if it were not for the friends I have made through it. 


  1. Looks so serene and peaceful

  2. There is something so pure about climbing. The way you can get lost in what you are doing. I know when I climb I get tunnel vision and nothing else matters, but what I'm doing.

  3. This makes me miss climbing. Much. One day my body will be able to handle it again. Oh and it looks way too cold for chaos! Crazy boy.

  4. Wow, what a getaway!
    I love the adventurous spirit portrayed in these photos.


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