Tuesday, February 12


This week has sure had it's up's and down's. After feeling sick last week and resting as much as I could I started to feel better by friday. I got to shop a little this past weekend and I bought a few things including the sweater and the cactus I added to my plant collection. There were a few birthday celebrations that took place. One of which included bowling and I shocked my friends and myself, to be quite honest, with my score of 116 the first round and 100 the next. That is the highest I have ever scored in my life, bowling! It felt good. :]
By monday, I was back to feeling sick. It was a different sickness though that put me out of work today. I have learned to appreciate life through this down time. I often take my health for granted. My heart goes out to those who may never get to leave their bed or can only do so for an extended period of time. I am blessed beyond what I even deserve.
Today my sweet mom brought over some fresh made chicken noodle soup, a smoothie and popsicles and came with the intention of keeping me company for a while. She sat next to me on my bed while I laid under the covers and we watched project runway. Who could ask for a more wonderful mother?

Here are some snapshots from my past week. Although not exactly eventful, it was not lacking in beauty.

I picked up my first book of the month for the year. I, sadly, didn't get around to reading a full book last month because every time I picked up a book I just wasn't interested. Poor way to start off the year, right? This month, although halfway over, I am determined! I'm reading Mere Christianity, which I have read before; it has been so long since, I don't remember anything about it.  

Have a wonderful night, my friends. 


  1. Sorry to hear you've been sick!! But I really love your photographs. I follow you on Instagram too, and I was wondering what your favorite afterglow filters were?

    Also, I can't help but notice how much you love climbing/bouldering. This is a random comment, but I go to school at Drury and went to Big Rock for my first time tonight! It's a wonderful place!! Maybe I'll see you there sometime :)

    1. Thank you, Olivia!
      When I edit just using Afterglow I always use the Russ filter and adjust the contrast, saturation and whatever other settings I like best.
      Mostly, I use afterglow for finishing touches after I have edited the photo in VSCO Cam.

      That's fun! Maybe we will run into each other sometime. Please say hi if you do ever see me! :]


    2. Thanks so much!! I definitely will! :)

  2. Good luck reading that in a month! So much to take in, I always read a line, put It down to stir in me and read another. Takes so long! Also I love what you said, although this week was uneventful, it was not lacking in beauty. When I get in the dumps about being sick I need to remember that. Thank you. Also I hope you feel better soon!!

  3. Looks like a beautiful week is right! Even uneventful weeks can go by with appreciation.

  4. Your phitographs are beautiful.. Particularly the first one :)


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