Tuesday, February 19


I've had a lot on my mind recently. All good things, just a lot about the future. Some of my friends are moving away after this upcoming summer. Although it's sad, it is also inspiring in the sense that I don't have to remain where I am by any means. Being a young, single person I want to take advantage of the freedom I have to explore the world as I can. 
These shots are from Sunday. It was a beautiful day and the lake we visited was so serene. 
Hearing the gentle splashes of the water against the rocks and watching the sun set in the distance pulled my mind out of reality for a moment. There were no cares to be had in the world. 
I'm definitely getting anxious for spring to begin. To camp, climb and, simply, to be outside.


  1. I also cannot wait for spring so I can be outside. A nice serene spot is just what I need.

  2. i'm with you and am ready for the frost to subside so outdoor adventures can commence. all such lovely photos...

  3. The water is so clear! Beautiful! It's been so so warm here in Florida that it feels we complete skipped over winter and are in spring.

  4. exploring dates are the best. cant wait to go hiking and rock climbing once all this winter weather leaves for good.

  5. So right there with you, single people deserve the cute adventuring too! :)
    - Time Stand Still

  6. I wish it was spring here too... It feels like its been winter for months!


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