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I just looked back through my Instagram feed to help recall all that had happened this past year. I am absolutely amazed at how much was crammed into this one, seemingly short year. Most of all I am amazed at the grace of God on my life this year, like no other year before. I am a completely different person than who I was at the beginning of this year. A little part may have to do with age, but I also spent a great deal of time learning how to better bring glory to God and to seek what His plans were for me. I have been blessed beyond what I could even imagine. 
Photo Credit: Josh Boston

Toward the end of last year (2011) I began the difficult process of overcoming insecurity and bitterness from the breaking off of a previous relationship. My insecurity, I later discovered, was magnified upon entering into the relationship. Overcoming the hardship of that relationship had a huge part in who I am today. I cannot answer as to who was to blame. That I no longer know, let alone care to recall. I knew that I could not remain bitter because bitterness has a way of destroying the vibrancy of life. The bible also makes it clear that we are to forgive as Christ forgave us. As for my insecurity, I figured out that I was not as confident as I had thought. When I did not receive the words of affirmation I so desired to hear, I began to hear the lie that I was not worth fighting for, that I was worthless. I sought God's promises, through scripture, over my life which brought healing to my soul. Even my best friend would agree that I am a completely different person from who I was at the beginning of last year. Through Christ, I have overcome bitterness and I have grown a bit more in confidence. I am excited to see how God is going to continue to change my life over this next year.

Aside from trials, I have taken up some fun hobbies and I have had some new self discoveries this past year along with many adventures. *not in any specific order*

1. My personality has changed - I have become more of a people person. I find that I am driven crazy when I am away from good company for too long. This was not so a year ago. 

2. I bought my first plant - then I started hoarding them - Just kidding, but I have quite the family of plants in my room now - Mostly succulents and a cactus. Greenery, I think, adds a lot of atmosphere to a room. Mine kind of feels like a tree house and I love it. See some of my favorite instagrammed plants herehere & finally here. :]

3. Received a promotion at work - Such an answer to prayer. I was about ready to quit, feeling like I could not take any more of the department I was in, when I was pulled out and placed in the position I had originally applied for. Although I don't plan on working where I work forever, I enjoy my job and the people I work with. It has been such a blessing working for my bosses, they definitely treat us well. 

4. Took a weekend trip up to Kansas City with my mom - Our first trip together that was "just for fun". We got some much needed girl time and had a lot of fun shopping in The Plaza. I hope to do that again! 

5. Moved to a new apartment - After living in my previous apartment for nearly two years, my best friend and I moved in with two more of our friends. My first time having 3 roommates. It has had its challenging moments, but it is always exciting. With 4 of us, there is always something to do and someone to hang out with. I enjoy that.

6. Everett married Audrey - I had the great pleasure of being maid of honor in my twin brother's wedding. I absolutely adore my brother's new wife and think they are a perfect match. I've enjoyed getting to spend time with them on many of the adventures I have been on this past year. Their wedding was beautiful as well! 

7. I started the One Fine Pine blog - Thank you all so much for your support and feedback! I have already met some other wonderful bloggers and look forward to meeting more and getting to know the ones I know more! I am excited for what is to come of this blog in 2013!

8. I started buying more local, natural, and organic products - I also started going to the farmers market more often to find out what local vendors had to offer. I love the community that is built through buying local. It brings grocery shopping to a more personal level. I have even found more local shops that sell local produce and hand made products. 

9. I got to go on more adventures than ever this year - I especially fell in love with the great outdoors. Whether going downtown for the Christmas parade, Climbing in the different areas Missouri and Arkansas have to offer, or venturing to see family in Colorado life has seemed like on big adventure this past year. I am looking forward to next year being just as adventurous, if not even more! I'm currently making plans with a friend to travel overseas this (hopefully) this next year, and could not be more excited! 

10. My friend made a fun video - Josh Boston put together a video capturing the essence of summer. We had quite the adventure just filming it. The best part about it is that we were all there to hang out with each other and have a good time. I posted the video on my blog a while back here or you can go to Josh's Vimeo page to view more of his incredible work. 

11. I Developed a lot of meaningful relationships - I made it a point this past year to make new friends. Not that I didn't already have great friends, I just found a few more people that I thought would be a wonderful addition to my circle. I stepped out of my comfort zone and began to plan meet ups and craft nights with a few people that I wanted to get to know more about. I cannot believe the friendships I have made from that small, initial step of friendship. I learned that it takes a friend to be a friend, sometimes you have to reach out first. I can say that I have overcome a lot of my insecurity through that as well. I also believe that the friends you choose have an impact on your future. There is a Proverb that says "Show me your friends and I'll show you your future."  and I believe that to be true, wholeheartedly. I chose friends that could influence me to become a better person and hope that I can do the same for them. 

12. Fell in love with a few bands - Grizzly Bear, Le Loup and Midlake. Listen to a few of my favorite  songs from each one below! 
2012 by erinpauls on Grooveshark
As for resolutions go, I made a list of 10 goals for this next year. I started it last November because I don't believe in waiting to change or make a resolution until the new year. I believe that change is best when it begins in the very moment it is desired. 

Thank you for letting me share with you! I wish you all a very happy 2013! I had a wonderful time last night ringing in the New Year with friends. I'm thinking I'll start of my year with a little adventure: a walk by the river with my roommate. 

Today, my challenge to you is to do or try something that you have never done or tried before.
Have a wonderful first day of the year! 


  1. I faced a similar insecure issue for years and didn't until recently feel content and complete. But on to happier things, I completely love your blog and am genuinely happy 2012 treated you well!

    Similar to you I hope to spend a lot more time outdoors this coming year (:

    x, Alyssa @ Afternoon Musings

  2. Erin this post made me so happy! Mainly because I got to know you a little this year, I am looking forward to all the craft night, picture taking and adventuring to come in 2013. You are so inspiring and I can't wait to see all God does through you in the year to come.


    1. Thank you, sweet girl!
      I look forward to all of those things as well!

      Erin :]

  3. Ive learned so much about overcoming bitterness and insecurity from my past this year as well. It has been awesome to learn about how God will never reveal something to me or bring it to the surface unless he wants to heal it. 2013, the year of healing and freedom. Thanks for sharing!

  4. So glad to meet you this year! Can't wait to see what 2013 holds, we'll have to meet in real life one day too! lol

  5. Makes me want to get some plants for my own home :) Thanks for sharing those bands, I am totally loving them!


  6. Jesus really is our joy which is our strength. Thank God for that testimony! His Grace is overwhelming sometimes.

    love your blog :-)

    Tiff Ima


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