Saturday, September 29


Recently, my life has seemed more chaotic than usual. In a good way though. I got to play a big part in my brothers marriage. (which I mentioned in my post last week) Between the wedding and today has been filled with family and catching up with my daily responsibilities. Which means that I, sadly, had to neglect my blog - I have felt like such a failure for that. This blog has become so important to me because I really feel that it is an avenue for my mind to be expanded through creativity and words. Through being myself I want to inspire others to be themselves. To show that there is beauty in being real and honest and just being you. Nonetheless, that is my hope. But life does happen sometimes and theres not much you can do to fight it. The most important thing, in any given situation, is making the most of it. 

I plan on getting back to my regular schedule this week. That means I have will have some DIY, fashion, food and thoughts on my mind coming up for you! Stay tuned! 

Here's a small glimpse from my past week. 

(I snagged these two photos from my aunt's Facebook )
The wedding was absolutely beautiful and I cannot wait to see the moments that Aaron Clark captured. 

They let the bridal party keep the terrarium center pieces. I chose this one. 
I added 4 new plants to my collection that day because I also got to take a wedding favor home. :]

Sunday I got to enjoy breakfast with my aunts, uncles, grandmas, grandpa, cousins, mom and dad 
and showed them around the town a bit. They toured my apartment and Everett and Audrey's new house. 
Then a few of us went out on a short hike. 

Once back from their honey moon, Everett and Audrey had my parents, her parents and me over to watch them open wedding presents. I also helped them clean up a bit and hang these adorable curtains. (also the ones used as the backdrop in her wedding)
They were so sweet in thinking of me while they were in Mexico. They bought me this blanket! I am so excited about it because I have been searching everywhere for a blanket like this! 

I have noticed that the leaves have really started to change this past week. I am so excited for fall.
Although, my wardrobe could use a few more sweaters. 

I am increasingly thankful for my life. It can get stressful at times, but I am thankful for the support of family and friends I have to help me get through it.  And mostly, that I can rely on a Heavenly Father who knows me 1,000 times better than I know myself. Jesus is my sustainer and in Him I can place my hope for a better future. Clinging to His words in Jeremiah 29:11, I can trust that my life is in his hands no matter what life brings my way. 

Have a lovely Saturday!


  1. Oh my all these photos are extremely beautiful!!

  2. Beautiful photos. I love that blanket!

  3. That wedding sounds lovely. I love the idea of terrariums for centerpieces.


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