Wednesday, October 10


I've seen a lot of "twenty-something before twenty-something" lists going on everywhere. I, myself, was inspired to write down a 23 before 24 list for this year. 
I think that it is so awesome for those that can complete the entire list full of twenty-so or maybe even thirty-some things. As it is quite an accomplishment to even think of a list that long. I, myself, have figured out that I simply cannot. When I have too many things on my "to do" list, I end up feeling overwhelmed. I have determined that that is not the feeling I should have towards a list of "want to do's". It should be a list that not only excites me, but inspires me and pushes me towards my goals. 
I've decided that my list needs to be composed of 10 core things to really focus on the rest of this year and throughout next. Things that will help me to learn and will help encourage creativity and productivity without creating more "busy" work. 
Here it is:
  1. Keep a journal
  2. Read one book a month
  3. Get back into rock climbing on a regular basis. (once a week at least)
  4. Start the One Fine Pine shop
  5. Give more time to helping others
  6. Save more money than what's spent
  7. Refinish my coffee table & add my personal touch
  8. Start a small garden with vegetables & fruit 
  9. Live a whole month (or more) without eating sugar  
  10. Go on more outdoor adventures (and document them)

None of these have been placed in order of importance as they all are things I want to focus on. 
I know that it is also kind of an awkward point in time to be sharing my goals with you - Seeing that it is not New Years and it is months past my birthday, but I believe that the best time to start is, always, now. 

Start somewhere, with something. 
Use what you have and watch it grow into something 
bigger than what you had even anticipated 

Have a very lovely Thursday.
We're expecting rain, and I'm quite excited. 

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  1. great goals ;)



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