Sunday, December 2


Every apartment I have lived in, I have never had a wreath for the front door during christmas. This year, I decided to make one. I gathered a bunch of pine trimmings from the pine trees around my parents' house and grabbed an embroidery hoop that I have had sitting around for a few years. Virtually, this project didn't cost me anything since I already had the basic supplies. 

If you do not have the basic supplies, you will need:
Pine trimmings
One embroidery hoop
Floral Wire
Wire cutters 

I started by attaching the larger pine trimmings one at a time, pointing the same direction, with the wire. Make sure that the bottom layer of branches is secured well to the embroidery hoop.
Continue placing branches to fill out the wreath. I had to attach some of the little pine twigs to others to get the shape I wanted and to prevent any from sticking out. Once you have placed all the larger pine trimmings, place the smaller trimmings in spots where the wreath may look empty. 

Once your wreath looks full, hang it up! Easy enough, right? 
I'm so happy with how my new fresh pine wreath turned out. My roommates, our friends, our neighbors, and I will be greeted with a wonderful smelling wreath when we step inside the entryway!


P.S. Sorry that I have been away so long! I have missed you all! 


  1. I think this is one of my favorite diy's because of the simplicity and the look. I like the idea of using fresh pine.

    Nice work as always, Erin:)

  2. I love this erin! I'm going to pin it:)

  3. So lovely! And I bet it smells so fresh!

  4. Just found you through Sincerely Kinsey. This looks great! Following <3 alex

  5. I used this method to make a pine crown which I love :) Now it fills the house with an aroma. Definetly making the reef when we go Christmas tree shoping :)


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