Saturday, November 24


I have been very fortunate these past few months, to be able to be outside as much as I have. I have decided to take  advantage of my opportunities to do so as they seem to be far and few between. When I was little, I had a burning curiosity about the world around me. I loved to be outside, examining every little leaf or caring for roly polys and worms. I played with dinosaurs in the gutter, pretending it was a raging river. My brother and I built forts out of snow and sometimes tried to out of wood. Our imaginations ran wild with ideas. Some days I still feel that same burning passion to explore. Okay, every day, but some days the desire is harder to resist. I treasure the moments that I do get to be outside in the wonderful creation that is the workmanship of God's hands. 

There will be more DIY's and recipes later. For now, I am off to spend some time outside. :]


  1. I love this, such a great reminder to step outside away from technology and everything to take in God's beautiful creation :) and i love the picture too!

    1. Thank you Kaila! It is definitely wonderful to get away! :]


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