Tuesday, August 28


 On Thursday my brother, future sister-in-law and I made our trek to the east side of the Colorado mountains to visit and climb with a few of our friends that had recently taken up residence in the quirky town of Boulder. A town known for its many free spirited and unique individuals. A town also known by climbers, for the incredible amount of rock climbing areas that surround.

We took a day to explore and to hang out on Pearl Street and then climb at the local bouldering gym, The Spot. The next day, we and our friends hiked up the curvy trails of the Rocky Mountain National Park to Chaos Canyon. Chaos is a canyon made up of giant boulders that, in many years past, have broken off of the cliffs above providing climbers with more boulders to climb than one could ever dream of. Aside from the awesome bouldering, the views were gorgeous. I never knew that a lake so blue existed on the top of a mountain. 

 The weather was absolutely perfect. Temperatures in the seventies with a nice breeze. The most ideal climbing weather.

As I have exclaimed over and over to anyone I meet, Colorado is my home and always will be no matter where I am in the world. It is the place where I feel most free. I love the active lifestyles of the people that live there and the friendly smiles of the passerby's. Every time I visit, it reawakens in me a desire to stay. It is always hard to leave a place that feels most like home. For now, I can and will treasure every opportunity that I get to visit. And maybe someday I won't have to leave. 

A photo I put together of a quote from John Muir that I came across earlier today. I felt that it perfectly describes my desire to be close to the mountains


  1. Love all your pictures of CO! I want to visit, I love the quote as well:)

  2. I love this post. It makes me sad and happy all at the same time. We lived in colorado for a while, but had to move back south because of my health:( Since then, I've taken up climbing and dream of climbing in Colorado.. especially in Garden of the Gods. We tried to get back there for a couple of years without any luck.. so now the hubby is in nursing school so he can have a secure job that WILL GET US THERE!!! We'll be out there (lord willing, Fort Collins) in a couple of years and wouldn't mind if you tagged along. I could use a climbing buddy that's a girl!

    And I agree, Colorado is the place where I, and he feel free. We are taking a 10 day road trip out there in December and we couldn't be more excited. It will be hard for us to leave.


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