Friday, August 24


When I travel I tend to get a little bit stir crazy. To prevent this I decided to bring some things to do. 
This bracelet is so easy. Perfect for that long day on the road. 

You will need:
String: Any type of string you can imagine. I cut more than enough and gave myself about a foot of each color to work with. 
I also used three colors. 

Fold the string in half and tie it to make a loop.

Then once you find the middle point, tie the other colors underneath the knot.

Hold the knot tightly as you begin to wrap one strand of the "base" color (In my case, it's white) 
Then you will repeat this step in pattern with the other colors until you make the bracelet long enough to wrap around your wrist comfortably. 

Once you have your bracelet long enough tie all of the strands together and make a knot small enough to fit through your loop yet large enough that it is hard to slip it out of the loop. 

Have fun!

I'm off to do some exploring in the city I'm currently in! 
I'll tell you all about it later! 

Have a wonderful friday! 


  1. You diys are so cute! Lovely blog

    1. Thank you Megan! I definitely have a lot of fun doing them. :]


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