Tuesday, January 8


All of the vegetables in this omelette are typically harvested in different seasons. Thanks to modern day methods, such as green houses, we are able to grow a variety of produce year round. I, for one, am very thankful for that. 

Personally, I am not an egg lover. I really don't like eggs except on rare occasions, but I eat them every once and a while because I know that they are a great source of protein. When I make eggs for myself, I typically fill them with more vegetables than there is egg just to cover up the egg flavor a bit. With all that to say, this omelette was a tasty start to my day! 

>>6 stocks of asparagus (cut into pieces) 
>>1 crimini mushroom (sliced - thin)
>>1/4 of a tomato (diced)
>>1 slice off of a red onion (cut in half)
>>Mozzarella cheese (however much you'd like - Grated)
>>Salt & pepper to taste

Follow normal omelette procedures and crack the egg into a bowl, and add a tiny bit of milk and the salt and pepper to taste. 
Whisk the egg until it becomes pale yellow in color.
Heat a pan on the oven and add a little bit of butter. 
Once the butter melts, add the egg to the pan.
When the egg cooks a little bit, add the vegetables. 

Once the egg looks cooked, add the cheese and fold the egg in half to enclose the vegetables and cheese.

Once the cheese melts a little, plate the omelette and enjoy it with your favorite cup of coffee and a side of waffles. 

I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday! 


  1. Looks super yummy! I had a mushroom, egg and spinach omelette last weekend - homemade :)


  2. Oh gosh that looks yummy. I haven't had an omelette in ages. I want one so badly now!

  3. Eggs are pretty boring to me too and like you, I eat them for protein. Adding a side of waffles makes the perfect combo! I never say no to waffles.

  4. Wow, this would be super healthy and super YUMMY! Great combo :) I'm pretty sure my hubby will love me even more if I make these!



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