Sunday, January 6


You have probably already noticed, things are changing around here! I have updated the layout of my blog a bit because I've felt that it has needed a face lift ever since I went live with it back in August. It is interesting how taste changes over short periods of time. I have a few more changes to make, then I will be ready to go for the year! I though that it would be great to start the year with a fresh design. 

As for these past two weeks I have been longing for some kind of outdoor adventure. I have pacified my desire with a little bit of clay work here and there, although, it only works for a little while. I still  hold inside a severe desire to explore and maybe to get my hands on some boulders to climb. It will happen, it may just take a little bit of patience. 

This is the beginning of a coil mug that I am making. I'll be showing you the progress through to the completion in the upcoming months. I'm getting antsy to take everything I have made to have it fired and glazed! There is just something about drinking tea out of a hand made mug that seems so special. 

I hope you are already having a great start to your week! 


  1. I took a ceramic class once. I am sad to say that I just couldn't get the handle of this medium. Let's face it, I sucked. I envy your talent!

  2. do you have a kiln that you use at your home? How do you fire your stuff!

    1. We do not. There is a pottery place in town, where we get our clay and supplies, that has a kiln. It's $30 a load to fire, so once Karisa and I have enough pieces to fill a kiln, we will take it to be fired. $15 each. :]


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