Friday, October 19


I have not had a lot of time to blog this week. My time has been preoccupied working on projects and catching up with friends I haven't had a chance to hang out with in a while. So, I apologize for my lack of content this week. I had hoped it would be different. 

With all that being said, I thought I would pop in and share with you this clock screensaver download that I found a while back and am so, extremely happy about. Because I don't have an actual clock inside my apartment besides a phone this clock has come in handy as I have been getting ready in the morning. It keeps my hands from getting distracted, while doing my hair or makeup, to press the button on my phone.


  1. So nifty! It looks like my Blackberry clock and I love that you can actually see this one from across the room.

  2. Sweet girl, I'm glad I found your little space. Wanted to say hello from your newest follower:)


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