Thursday, September 13


I've been working on a wish list to gather my thoughts and to help me figure out what I want to save my money for. So, instead of trying to remember, I made a list. . .

I like dresses more now than I ever used to and desperately need to add more to my collection. My closet consists of a lot of separates and maybe only three dresses. 
Silky Printed Dress - Urban Outfitters 
I have a wall in my room that needs something big on it to fill up the empty space. I thought that something like this would be perfect. Especially because it would make it feel a little bit like I live in a forrest. 
I have also wondered if anything like this would be possible to make easily and semi-inexpensively. 
Moonbeam Tapestry - Urban Outfitters
First of all, I love black and white shirts; second, I love geometric black and white shirts. This one is perfect and sadly out of stock. 
Senic-stripe Top - Madewell
Air plants: I just discovered these incredible plants for myself the other day.I did a little research and learned that they require no soil, but can be somewhat high maintenance; requiring water for hours at a time and on a set schedule. I'm up for a challenge. 
Image from The Hatch blog 
This cardigan is also black and white and geometric. What can I say? It's just what I gravitate towards. Nevertheless, I love it. I love that it also has a bit of a Navajo influence. I could use a few more cardigans in my wardrobe. 
Vera Cardigan - Monki

Saddle blanket: I have been looking for a cool Navajo saddle blanket to use as a rug. Also maybe a few to make into pillows or purses. I have heard that my local farm supply store has some for under fifteen dollars - the best deal I've heard of for a saddle blanket. I'm  excited to check out what colors and patterns they have. 
American Indian Navajo Rug - Charley's Navajo Rugs
One last thing. 
While at Starbucks yesterday, during lunch, this song came on.
It's so cute and I love how airy and light his voice is. It reminds me of a mix between Beach House and M. Ward. I checked out an album of his on Groove Shark and really like it. 

Cutty Love by Milo Greene on Grooveshark


  1. Haha I make lists like this one too! I always think it'll save me money and prevent me from buying sth that I don't really want. :)

  2. I, too, want that tapestry. I've seen the same thing but in wallpaper. I think that's a little cheaper.


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