Friday, August 17


What I love about these magnets is that they are so easy to make and so small. They add a lot of personality to your fridge, inspiration board, or anything they will stick to! 

will need
Magnet sheet (Office supply stores should carry it)
Paint Brush
A few clippings from things you have found in magazines or posters. (design magazines work especially well.) 

Lay the magnet sheet flat and brush enough glue to place your clippings onto. 
Place your magazine clips onto the glue you have spread and immediately spread glue over top of the clippings. 
Wait for the glue to dry completely.
With an X-Acto knife, cut around the clippings. 
*note you do not have to cut all the way through the magnet. Simply cut through the top layer, bend the rest back and it should easily tear. 

You may want to brush a little glue around the edges to prevent the paper from separating from the magnet. 

There you have your cute, one-of-a-kind magnet! 

I'm off to Colorado for the week to see family, shop and rock climb, but will post whenever I get the chance! 

Until then, have fun making your magnets! I'm excited to hear how they turn out! 


  1. Ooh I need to make some of these!! Love them Erin!

  2. These are so simple and cute! What a great idea xo L


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