Sunday, September 8


This summer has been one of the greatest yet hardest, most self-discovering, self-evaluating, and mind-shaping summers of my life. I have been praying the words of the Hillsong song "Oceans" into my life for the past three months. I will be the first to tell you, be careful when you pray things like that - it will happen. I have watched God answer that prayer in the past month, especially, as I have been evaluating my life and wondering "how is it that I chase my dreams?" and "What does hard work look like?" (I feel like a lot of our generation has forgotten the importance of hard work). 
As I evaluated, I began to realize that I was the only one holding me back. Only me, myself and my fears can hold me back from the dreams that are in my heart. 

With that, I know that in order to follow my dreams I have to work hard. I'm still not sure what exactly hard work looks like, but I am willing to find out. Every dream has to start somewhere. . . 

So, here's to the start of chasing dreams. Go out and find them and work towards them. Live with no fears and no regrets. Live your dreams! 


  1. What a magnificent summer. You've surely been fortunate :)
    Thanks for sharing around that lovely message! xo

  2. These photos and words capture so much goodness.
    Watching you grow is so exciting. So many great things ahead for you. You're an inspiration!

  3. You and I both. This spoke to me so deeply. In fact I just put a post up about what summer did for us as well. God is more than great and I'm excited to see Him continuing to grow us in Him! :)

  4. Yes, such a wonderful reminder. God knows our every step. Though He directs our paths, we are called to diligence and obedience. To be active, not passive. So many times, I'm tempted to sit back and do nothing. But that won't get me anywhere. Hard work is good work.


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