Wednesday, April 3



I have had the great privilege of traveling to Arkansas nearly every weekend of the month of March. Yes, to climb, but mostly to enjoy some quality time outdoors. This past month a variety of friends and I frequented Horseshoe Canyon Ranch. The ranch sits in a beautiful canyon surrounded by cliffs and generously littered with trees and giant boulders. Blankets of bright green and dry sea foam green green colored moss cover the unclimbed or undeveloped, so to speak, boulder faces. I have only ever visited to climb, but the ranch also provides many other activities, such as, horseback riding, a giant swing and a zipline - There's also a HUGE disc golf course. Throughout the years the ranch has found a place on my list of my favorite locations.  

I have never been a huge lover of the scenery in the midwest, often thinking that there is too much overgrowth, but I have grown to love this little Arkansas Canyon. Maybe it's just because I feel more and more at home every time I visit. I feel overwhelmed with joy and humbled at the giant mass of rock that stares down at me as I am about to climb a boulder. I feel small, but in a good way. I realize that I am not the only living thing on this planet, but that God took care to create nature. Not only that, but to take the care to make it beautiful and full of magnificence. 


  1. I must admit I'm quite jealous. The photos are so beautiful. I use to live in the mountains and I miss it dearly.

  2. ah, this area look so lovely. i love the giant amount of rock, this place reminds me of one area i found in central missouri. i love feeling small in places like this, reminds me there are many bigger things than myself (as you said!)

    lindsey louise

  3. wow, what a beautiful place! Wonderful photos :)

  4. Looks like so much fun! I love adventures! Your photos come out so beautifully! You are very talented!
    I love the photo of the little flower amongst the earth/rocks. So lovely!

    Ngaio xx
    (your newest follower!)


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