Sunday, December 16


This ornament is not at all complicated and is relatively cheap to make depending on the materials you choose to use. Despite its simplicity, I have to warn you that this project can be rather time consuming. Making it the perfect project to conquer while watching a movie. If your anything like me you, too, like to feel that you are being productive while you spend a day off on the couch.

You will need:
>> A medium size bulb ornament - I used the plastic ones from the dollar section at Target.
>> Lots of newspaper/Fabric - Whatever material you choose to glue to your ornament. 
>> Hot glue gun and extra sticks of glue
>> Scissors

Start by cutting the material into strips then into squares. They do not have to be perfect squares, but you will not want to cut them any larger than one square inch.  
Now for the tedious part... And your fingers will turn black...
"Fold" the pieces of paper to where the center of the square can be held between your fingers with the corners sticking up. (If using fabric, you can skip this step, as the fabric will not stay folded) Its best to fold every piece of paper just because it makes them easier to grab and stick into the hot glue before it hardens. 
Now, grab your ornament and your hot glue...

I start around the top of the ornament and work my way down. Add a drop of hot glue and start adding pieces of paper to it. Continue to fill in the empty spaces until the ornament is completely covered. (that's the long part)

Go back and fill in any gaps you may have left and secure any loose pieces of paper. You can also trim any longer ends that you don't like. I kind of pressed the ornament between my hands to give it a more crumply look. 

Now your ornament is ready to hang on the tree! 

^These are a few of the different kinds of ornaments I have made. I have used newspaper (top left), floral fabric (top right), tulle (middle), brown napkins (bottom left), and, finally, book pages (bottom right).

Another wonderful thing about these ornaments is that they can be used any time of year as decorative balls in a bowl alongside pine cones and other fun things. So, they are not only limited to Christmastime. 

Have fun! 


  1. erin! these are so awesome, thanks for the idea!

  2. This is really cute, especially using them as decorative balls.

  3. Wow, those are really cute! I love the different textures you can do and get different feels to them :) I would love to make a few and stick them in a big vase too! Thanks for the great idea :)


  4. Love these! The texture is super great!

  5. These are cute :)


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