Tuesday, November 13


I have wanted to make ravioli for the longest time now and finally built up the nerve to try. It turned out better than I had hoped. I love the flavor combination of mushrooms, spinach and parmesan mixed together. Along with the tomato sauce, this is a wonderful dish, and fun to make as well. 
You might even try to experiment with different shapes and flavor combinations as well.  

2 Eggs
2 or More Cups Flour
3 or 4 Crimini Button Mushrooms
1/2 Cup frozen spinach 
2 Tablespoons Parmesan Cheese
Olive Oil

2 Large Tomatoes
1/2 Cup of Water

To begin, I used this pasta recipe from the Kinfolk Journal
I had to add quite a bit more flour and would like to suggest suggest adding a bit of salt to flavor the dough. Or, if you already have a pasta dough recipe and like it, go ahead and use it. 

While the pasta is setting:
Dice the mushrooms and toss them in a pan with a few drops of oil. 
After a few minutes, add the spinach. 
Once the mushroom and spinach are cooked, pour the mixture into a bowl and mix in the parmesan with a bit of olive oil, salt and peper. You can also add a few spices like parsley or rosemary. 
When the dough is done setting, roll it out onto the counter with a rolling pin until it is a little less than a quarter of an inch thick.
Cut out the bottom layer for the ravioli and put a tablespoon full of of the spinach/mushroom mixture on top of it. Placing another layer of pasta on top and pinching the sides down. 

Cook the ravioli, thoroughly, in a boiling pot of water. This should only take a few minutes. 
The tomato sauce: 
Cut up two large tomatoes and let them simmer in a pan until they are soft and break up easily. Add some salt, pepper and maybe a little parsley. 
Once the ravioli is cooked fully, pour the sauce on them and enjoy! 


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