Sunday, November 4


Saturday turned out to be more than I hoped it to be as far as catching up on some rest, relaxation and a dose of adventure. Adventure being, visiting a new-to-us little breakfast diner and going to the farmer's market. 

My best friend, Karisa and I tried out a new breakfast place Saturday morning. We have heard a lot of great things about it and decided to give it a try. We found they have a huge variety of omelets to pick from along with scrumptious pancakes and waffles. The food turned out to be delicious and we left without smelling like we were just around a skillet of cooked bacon. 

I find it so wonderful that each time at the market feels like a new experience. It seems that there are always new vendors and varieties of food to discover - Especially with each changing season. I love the community that is built through the bringing of crops at harvest.
My sweet friend, Courtney of Always Rooney and I grabbed a bite to eat, walked around and spent a little bit of time chatting with a few of the vendors. 

After Courtney and I parted ways, I spend the rest of the day listening to music and working on a project that I have put on the back burner for about a week now. I will be finishing it tomorrow (fingers crossed) and will be posting it as a DIY this upcoming week! 

What fun things did you do or new places did you explore this weekend?

*Thank you Courtney for snapping the photos of me at the tomato stand. :]

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  1. Sounds like a great Saturday (: That smoothie looks so yummy, totally craving one right now!

    Dearest Lou

  2. i love saturday morning breakfasts and farmers market. best way to start out a weekend, always gets my weekend off to a great start! where is this farmers market?

    1. Meg,
      Yes, it's one of the most enjoyable things!
      We were at the Farmers Market of the Ozarks in Springfield, MO. :]

  3. There's just no better way to shop than the local growers markets! I adore our local Bondi ones. Kellie xx

  4. Loved getting to spend time with you Erin!


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