Saturday, November 10


I was given this rug for free a while back and have always wanted to do something with it. Inspiration struck once I saw my Kinsey give DIY instructions for an Anthropologie inspired rug. I totally had not thought of using yarn for it. Not knowing exactly what to do I put the project in the back of my mind. I wanted to make a rug that I could put my own little spin on. Then one day I was looking at a sweater at Urban Outfitters online (couldn't find the link to show you) and was further inspired by what I will call a "fading dots" pattern. The dots were placed heavier in the middle and more spread out toward the edges. I decided to use the inspiration from the sweater and recreate the effect on my plane jane rug. 

A rug
Yarn Needle

Go ahead and start by cutting off a long piece of yarn (about one yard). Thread the needle and tie a knot at the opposite end. Pull the yarn through the rug for the first knot. 
**this knot is an embroidery knot many of you many know how to do already. In that case, you can skip the next steps and run wild with your ideas of what you would like your dot rug pattern to look like. :]

 To make the knot: Once you have pulled the yarn through from the back to the top of the rug, wrap your yarn around the needle. This should start with the yarn that is closest to the rug (as depicted above) The more you wrap it, the bigger the knot. Mine all averaged about 5-7 wraps. 

Take the needle -still wrapped in yarn- and push the needle back through the rug close to where you pulled it out. and there you have your knot. 

I used this technique throughout the whole rug, placing the knots closer together in the middle and making them further part as they progressed to the side edges.

Although this project is a little more tedious than it would be to paint dots on a rug with fabric paint, it can be rewarding when finished. Not only do you have a cute, revamped rug; It is also full of texture from the knots. Depending on how many dots and what pattern you choose to do will determine the amount of time required to finish this project. It is an excellent project to watch TV or movies while working away. 

Tomorrow I am going to enjoy the day off on my friends farm, in her adorable house in the middle of country. Have a great saturday! 


  1. Cute! Totally modernized it!

  2. This turned out great Erin! So cute!


  3. Sooo simple, so cute, I love this!! Now I just need a cute rug to do this to :)



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