Wednesday, October 31


There are so many little ways to recycle or repurpose objects. I try to recycle as much as it is possible. One reason being, I always feel bad throwing things away that, I know, could be used for something else in some way or another. These are just a few of the things that I have reused in practical ways, that are easy and can be accomplished by anyone. 

 This shower curtain, I made, from an old sheet that was missing it's matching fitted sheet.
I think it might eventually be fun to make a few different shower curtains to change out with the seasons.
This is a cheap and super easy way to have a custom shower curtain.
You can dip dye, embroider or paint it to perfectly match your style.  
I took this glass out of an old wooden candle shadow box. As cool as it was, the style of the box was just not my thing. I loved the glass so I took it out and now  use it to set my straightener on to protect the wood on my dresser. 
Quite a while back, I saw these owl rocks on floating around on Pinterest. So I made one to serve as a paperweight from a rock I picked up off of the ground in Colorado.
[Sadly, I do not know the source for this splendid idea.
 If you know it please let me know so that I can give credit where credit is due! Thank you! ]

This way to hang necklaces isn't necessarily a way to recycle anything, but rather a way to repurpose and transform a dead, awkward wall space. I am thankful for this awkward wall between my closet doors. It makes the perfect place to display necklaces.  
This old, scrap piece of sheet metal became a very useful magnetic chalkboard that now serves as my inspiration board. I write a new quote on it every few months. 

Plates can come in handy to use as ring, earring and bracelet holders. The glass that my cactus is growing in was a container that a candle came in. It's crazy to think just how many of these get thrown away each year.

I'm curious to know, what are some things that you have recycled/repurposed?


  1. These are all suchbgreatnideas! I love the thought of changing the curtains out with the seasons. But what I love better is your necklace wall!

  2. I love these ideas, Friend. We repurpose EVERYTHING in our house too. It really is sad how many things people throw out just because they don't want to spend the time thinking of a creative way to re-use them. AND it saves us so much money. The comfortor on our bed now was found at goodwill for a dollar.. I think it used to be a curtain? Most everything in our home has a similar story, and I love that your home does too!

    1. Meghan,
      That is wonderful! It really does save a lot of money and I really do love the challenge of thinking of ways to repurpose things.


  3. i love you!! i repurpose as much as possible. one thing that i love to do is make glass jars from condiments and sauces into containers for leftovers, drink glasses and/or vases. also, reusing unwanted clothes for bags and patching.

    1. Thank you! :]
      I do the same, I usually end up using old salsa jars for dry ingredients like rice and grains. I like to paint the lids with black paint to make them look like they weren't store bought containers. :]



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