Sunday, September 2


It's another splendid sunday to catch up on reading and maybe to teach myself how to crochet, but also to make a delicious pasta dish. Recently, I haven't been able to cook as often as I have wished, but was sure to make it a must today. On my way home from church I stopped by the natural market to pick up some needed ingredients and decided to include mushrooms in my dish, when I passed by them, as my love for mushrooms has curiously grown over the past few years (I used to dislike them).
With all that to say, this dish turned out to be quite scrumptious!

Spaghetti noodles - about enough for two servings
One roma tomato
Handful of button mushrooms (I used crimini button mushrooms)
Handful of spinach
One very small yellow squash (or half of a medium yellow squash)
Fresh, grated parmesan cheese
Spices: Salt, pepper, basil, garlic powder
Olive oil

Start by getting the noodles going. This way you can kind of forget about them while you prepare the vegetables. As instructed in all (I think) pasta cooking instructions: Cook until al dente. 

Once you have the pasta going go ahead and cut the squash, tomatoes and mushrooms into thin slices. The smaller the slices, the faster they will cook. 

Heat the olive oil (about a table spoon) over high in a large pan.
Add the squash and the mushrooms to the hot oil and turn the heat down to medium-high.

When the squash and the mushrooms start to get soft, add the tomato slices. 
Cook until the tomatoes are soft and break apart easily.
Add the spinach and cook until the leaves start to wither and turn dark green.
Last, add the noodles along with a small drizzling of olive oil and add the salt, pepper, basil and garlic to your flavor preference. 
Top it off with the freshly grated parmesan and enjoy! 

This would also be wonderful with chicken or maybe even some turkey meatballs. 
I made a piece of parmesan garlic bread to eat along with mine. 

I have not given you exact measurements or time increments because, honestly, I never measure by spoon size, but by taste. Whenever I do try to make it a point to measure the time and ingredients put into my recipes, I end up forgetting half way through. I end up adding what feels right when it feels right. I have learned to watch for what vegetables look like when they are cooked, through many trial and error experiences. I think that not having to measure makes cooking fun and adventurous. I like that each dish turns out differently every time. You really should try it! 

I hope that this day finds you well.
Have a wonderful Labor Day! 



  1. I cook like you most of the time - no measuring, all by taste. It makes it a little challenging to recreate the dish but I think it's more fun too. Looks yummy Erin!

  2. Dinner sorted for tonight.. this post has made me so hungry! Hehe. xo Laura

  3. this looks sooo tasty! Need to try it asap :D


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