Sunday, August 5


Hello friends!  
I have a very simple project for you tonight that only involves 3 items: A rock, a chain (mines from an old necklace), and jewelers glue. 

The other day, as I was making my way to the farmers market, I came across a rock in the shape of an almost perfect triangle. I am infatuated with finding interesting things on the ground like rocks, worn down, broken glass, little pieces of metal, etc. With my love for all things geometric paired with said infatuation my heart leapt for joy when I found this little beauty. I immediately knew that I wanted to incorporate it into a necklace. . .

You will want to find the center of the chain (If it already has a clasp) and set it on the center of the rock. 
Then draw a very faint line across the surface of the rock where you want the chain to sit. 
Glue over the line and set the chain on top of the glue.

After sitting for a bit and the glue is starts to dry, glue the chain up the sides of the rock. I realize that not everyone will have a triangle rock, just make sure that it is glued to the sides. This insures that the rock will sit upright.

Once the glue is completely dry, its ready to wear! 

I hope you have a wonderful night! 


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